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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> another wet start. katie will let us know whether it will be drying out. >> g20 summit in hamburg, germany, he'll break down the president's agenda of the key worlds leader. >> delta airlines flight makes an emergency landing after security problem in the air, what happened that left three people injured. well, today is friday, july the seventh, good morning, able ' jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this friday morning. >> good morning, guys, happy friday, tgif. so katie yes working hands in hand little bit today. it is busy already in the traffic department. i think a lot of accident, also some rain coming out of the camera shots, a lot of fog. >> this is one of the days where variety is the spice of life. we have everything going on. i was actually just looking for some of the neighborhood network cameras, place like rehoboth, bright sunshine right now, but outside palmyra cove nature park nothing but fog overlooking philadelphia right now, you can't even make out the center city skyline, i promise you it is there but shrouded in the clouds, and
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certainly have rain to deal with. look at this, i mean, very much, an issue for the northwestern most suburbs shall right? lehigh valley, pocono region getting slammed with soaking rain right now, eventually this will rotate through philly. but we probably get through the typical morning rush before that happens. in the meantime, flood advisory is posted up that way, so lehigh northampton, part of berks county, carbon, monroe, even new york city travelers perhaps this will impact your travel along 78 or 80, into northern new jersey, that flood advisory lasts us few more hours, looking at the area temperatures, low zero seven ' from i59 on south, still have essentially southerly wind flow. but with time here today, anyone still fair game for a shower or rumble every thunder, specially true, for the next few hours, to the north and west. so, i'm ' just keeping your umbrella on stand by, however, slowly start to dry out meisha. but may even be hint of wet weather left over in the forecast, and we will talk about that little later on. >> wonderful, katie, thank you
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so much. right away, pull your attention to this accident we've been talking about in boards end town new jersey. so we have just gotten words that this is a fatal crash. vehicle hit a pedestrian. new jersey turnpike northbound route 206, that left inner lane is still blocked. if i were you now i would use an alternate. 295, route 206, avoid the area at all costs, any new information, we will bring it to you as soon as we get it. also moving on, looking at 59 south at cottman, talking about the rain, so, yes, rain, visibility issues with either the rain coming down or the fog, this is going to slow you down this morning, right now congestion levels right here. fifty-nine south at cottman, you can see, actually not that bad. a lot of headlight out there of course, yes, now just cracking into the 6:00 hour on friday, so expect that it will heat up little bit specially because of the rain. then, also talking about a ramp closure, so it ramp right here, from route 23 onto eastbound 422, know there is will be closed, monday, until late fall. so you will have to use alternate. first avenue ramp, eastbound
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422, going to be your best bet, a lot more to discuss when we come back in a little bit. jim, back to you. >> new this morning, police are working to finds suspect and motive in a deadly shooting in west philadelphia. police say the 39 year old man was gunned down, just before 2:00 a.m. and it happened on the salvation army parking lot on the 5500 block of market street. authority tell us, this is a very secluded area, so it is possible that no one even heard the gunshot. police are checking surveillance cameras, in that area for clues. >> meanwhile, police in camden are investigating a shooting on the 2500 block of eighth street. so far we don't have many detail on this, but you can see, police are focusing on certain vehicle. we'll have more information on this shooting as it comes into our news room. >> also increase in gun violence in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood has resident understanded bridge worried about their safety. last night neighbors came out to address these problems, during a community meeting. philadelphia police data shows there have been 156 homicides city-wide so far this year. it is the most since 2012,
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when there were 18 a homicides. at this point in the year. >> it is frustrating, it is heart breaking, and we have to look in a mirror sometimes to realize we're a country prone to violence, prone to having availability of guns. >> how can you expect the police department to do something for you, if you don't try to help them out? only way they're going know anything, people have to talk. >> and pennsylvania state representatives, steven, was one of officials at the meeting. he says he hopes to hole more community meet togs continue the conversation in the future. >> well, massive protests break out overnight in hamburg, germany. >> and more protests are expected today. as president trump meets with other world leaders, at the g20 summit. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live now on the cbs news center more on the g20 summit. trang, good morning. >> good morning, rahel, jim. these meet also include president trump's first face-to-face with russian president vladmeere putin today. talks will overall likely dominated by north korea latest missile test. >> protesters armed with
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objects, clash with police in riot gear on the street of hamburg. as the german city prepares to host leaders from the world largest economy, for the g20 summit. some 100,000 anti-captain list protesters are expected friday and saturday. setting fire to several cars, after officers used water cannons, pepper spray, and batons to subdue the early crowds. meanwhile, president trump met with german chancellor, angela merkel thursday, north korea's inter-continental balistic missile test, the focus of the conversation. earlier the president told a welcoming crowd in poland that he is considering serious actions. >> i don't like to talk about what i have planned, but i have some pretty severe things we are thinking about. >> also slated to meet with the leaders of south korea and japan on the issue, but all eyes focused on planned talks with russian president, vladmeere putin, they'll meet for the first time today after trading barbs in the media. few impending in german
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newspaper questioning trump's trade policies following the us president's strongest public criticism of russia to date. >> we urge russia to seize its destabilizing activities, and ukraine, and elsewhere. >> the highly anticipated meeting is expected to last a half hour. the white house confirms, syria and isis, will be part of the discussion. but what's not likely, any talk of russian meddling in the 2016 election. president trump is also expected to meet separately with china's president today, he has publicly called on the communist leaders to do more to help rain in north korea but for now, live from the news center being interest edge dough, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." all right, trang, thank you a lot more news to come in the days to come. >> meanwhile, 40 president trump impersonator march onto beach in australia. the impersonators carried the new australian flag on tuesday. they were protesting the president's decision to withdraw the united state from the paris climate agreement. they then stage add mock news conference before the donald's
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pretended to be swept away by massive waves. back here at home, teenager shot and killed during road rage incident in chester county will be laid to rest today. >> funeral for 18 year old bianca roberson will be held later this morning at st. paul baptist church in west chester, 28 year old david desper shot roberson last week after both drivers tried to merge on to the same lane on route 100. desper turned himself in and now held without bail. >> former bucks county teacher facing charges foreign appropriate relationship with a student. newtown township police say jessie oberto engaged in a sexual relationship with a 16 year old at council rock high school. he worked as teacher for the school district from 2003 to 2015. he is charged with institutional sexual assault, and related offenses. meanwhile, evesham police searching for this man who they say performed leud act along a walking path in marlton burlington county. this happened last thursday, on path between the lake executive campus on route 73,
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and north cropwell road. police say that a woman walking on her lunch break stumble upon the man. and as he began to walk toward her, she quickly walked away and call for help. the suspect was last seen running north on cropwell road towards greentree road. >> out west, authority say, a beijing bound delta airlines flight had to return to seattle after passenger allegedly assault add flight attendant. officials say a man in first class assaulted the flight attendant, 45 minute after take off, from the airport last night. they also tried to enter the cockpit. authority say the man was restrained by other passengers on board. four people including the flight attendant were injured. >> we new something was going on. >> and the flight again returned to seattle under military escort once the plane was back on the ground, police put the suspect into custody. point the fbi saying there is no suggest this was a nash it
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will security incident. >> coming up. ment new trial date set for bill cosby. find out when he will be back in court to face sexual assault charges. >> just days before major renovation also set to start, another train derails at new york penn station, and expected to impact commuters this morning. >> it all start wad collection of cleets in their garage. i'm meg oliver in new jersey, show you how one family turned simple idea into international effort to help needy children around the globe. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, you know, rahel, it is friday. and anything goes. >> is that right. >> it is. katie will let you know. >> do you want to explain that one? why are you talking like that? >> katie will let you know how the forecast is shaping up for the weekend. that is coming up nextment look, we can actually see buildings now. >> how delightful. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> fire officials in california trying to figure out what spark this brush fire. >> told it quickly grew to fivfive alarm fire, they say it hit ding russly chest to home, it was placed under control before any evacuation was necessary. >> win person pen messy after meat of flooding, the mayor of the town of butler has declared state of emergency,
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as resident try to clean up there. besides the mud, there are trees down, damaged property, the red cross is taking care of several families forced to evacuate their homes during the flooding. there is even waiting list for families who need their flooded basements pumped. >> wow. >> send it out to katie. quite a bit of rain ourself. >> i will just put this out there. i know yesterday you talked about the rain. i went for run. i felt so great. poured on. >> oh, well -- >> exercise is dangerous, i've been saying that for years. >> just soggy, that's all. >> next time i'll just stick to the treadmill. >> depending where you are it, might and treadmill kind of morning, poconos getting slam with very, very soaking rain, likely ends one multiple inches of rain, that said, in a couple of these spots, before the morning is all said and done, because just coming down that heavily. so if your travels take you up to the poconos, weekend get away coming up, right now not ideal, what's left the
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disturbance, will rotate through, sort of turn counter clockwise, so philly starts to get hit, basically, right after the typical morning rush. but we will still see i think pretty quick batch. but batch nonetheless of soaking rain, future weather really does reflect that pretty well. take a look by 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., little zone of soaking rain working its wawrinka through delco and philadelphia county. still out there, even past noontime, but notice, it is starting to clear out at least, not going to be having as much of a widespread issue with it, even into tonight, residual pockets every rain or thunderstorms will still be out there. i win be shock to even see left over shower into tomorrow morning, but it does get better from that point forward. there should be a mountain in the distance, clearly cannot see that here at pleasant valley middle and high school. not the most pleasant day is it? but go down to rehoboth, i mentioned this earlier in the broadcast, beautiful looking start to the day by comparison certainly. so much much brighter, the further south you go, although you won't necessarily stay that way. as we look forward here, again, it is getting better
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with time. just watch for rest i had all shower, thunderstorm, the rest of the day, even into tomorrow morning, then starts to clear out nicely. sunday, monday, look phenominal. and couple of hot ones coming up with new front on the way. >> all right, katie that's great. just have to get through this morning, this morning commute. i have to tell you, been pretty busy. we get right to t we do have car fire here, new castle delaware, happened actually earlier, clean up process underway, 95 north at route 141, two right lanes block. i want to pull your attention, little bit of red we're seeing, in this icon right here, saying 15 miles per hourment bumper to bumper conditions. just looking at it in actually a camera shot. it is loo looking slow around here, tack on extra time or avoid the area right now anyway. i'll let us know when they clear out of the way, this fire contained, now just the clean up but it is absolutely slowing you down. then serious accident here. this has just been reported, that it is fatal in boards end town new jersey. so new jersey turnpike northbound route 206.
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that left inner lane, is blocked. and also, you can see, clearly, you'll be slowing down, i would say, avoid the area if you k if you can't, give yourself extra time, there as well. then, we have another accident here. north wales, sumneytown pike church road. roadblock here. traveling around, 20, 26 miles per hour, again, kind of bumper to bumper condition there, as well. jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. bill cosby's retrial on sexual assault charges has now scheduled for november. judge steven o'neil signed an order yesterday, saying, all party involved in the case must report to the montgomery county courthouse, in norristown, on november 6. cosby's first sexual assault trial ends in the a mistrial last month. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting temple employee, andrea constand, at his montgomery county home in 2004. >> there is trouble on the rails for commuters headed to new york city this morning. transit officials report minor delays, after a new jersey transit train dropped the tracks at penn station last night. video take friend inside of
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the detailed train, about 180 passengers on board at the time. no one was injured. but, as you can imagine, the derailment did leave a lot of passengers frustrated. >> i was on the train, they came in, and they were like you got to get off the train. there was derailment. everybody looks like no damage at all, just sit owning the tracksment wasn't like falling over, anything like that in a train crash. >> that derailment comes days before major track repairs were set to start at penn station. >> well, soccer is an obsession for millions of kids around the globe, but a lot of kids in poorer countries can't afford the cleets they need to play. >> meg oliver shows us how one soccer loving family in new jersey is trying do something about that. >> for kids in haiti, soccer is a way of life. eighteen year old eric noel has played for decade barefoot in the gravel and grass, until this summer. >> boxes full of a thousand used cleets arrived from america, giving these kids their first chance to play in
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shoes. >> the generous idea came to light more than a thousand miles away, in new jersey. >> take one, fast down. >> every week the family holds four meetings with pizza around their kitchen table. fourteen hard-working cousins, eight, 17 years old, started a charity collecting used cleets for needy kids, a year ago. >> they set themselves apart, 1k cleets for kids sift lofty goal of a thousand pairs for kids in hate. >> i we wanted to push the kids f we're doing there is we're going for something really big. >> didn't take long before the colorful cleets poured in. social media spark interest from across the country. >> we were just checking cleets by the day, and it started to grow every day. >> then, two non-profits volunteered to pack and ship all of it to haiti. >> it is all about kids helping kids. i tell my kids all the time, just imagine when you see their smiles, and that for us that will be our closing moment. >> it was a moment that eric sum up like this.
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>> i think it is a beautiful gesture, and i think god is happy and will bless them. word of thanks to new friends half a world away. meg oliver, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> and speaking of soccer, imagine going to a game where nobody cheers for the players? >> the league that's banning parent from cheering for their kids and why. plus this. >> i'm pat gallen here at crystal cave in cut town, pa, where we are deep underground learning about rock formations, about half million years old, common the tour wi
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>> the week sends around the corner, if you're not a fan of the clouds and dreary weather, may have lingering shower into tomorrow. generally skies are clearing, ends up with warmer conditions, as women, and what looks to be a picture perfect sunday, guys? >> all right, katie, thank
6:24 am
you, now for a look at newspaper headlines from across the country. >> from the delaware county daily times, authorities arrested two men for february shooting death in chester. dante carlton murray gunned down in broad daylight, now witness information, video anibal is innings will be used to found first degree murder case against suspect pringle, and camacho. >> the press of atlantic city violence, police are looking for sand as who caused vandal to parks over the july 4th holiday weekends, vandals drove either atv or dirt bike across the basketball courts returning burn out marks, rut, a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an after. >> among 29 state attorneys general who have signed onto a letter to the federal communications commission, urging adopt rules to eliminate unlawful robo calls. robo call is a call that uses a computerized auto dilator deliver a pre-recorded message.
6:25 am
>> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around delaware valley. >> home build nerve florida is offering families a possible alternative to assisted living facility. >> that's senior cottage, low cost custom built come and that looks up to your existing utility august lay to you keep elderly ones nearby. same code as regular house, just little smaller. >> they're quiet, comfortable, energy efficient, and spacious. they have the small kitchen, they have the sitting room, and they have a nice bedroom, and it is everything a parent needs. >> and assisted living facility can cost 36 to $50,000 per year, the senior cottage runs from 50 to $100,000, but you own them. >> that's a great idea. >> it is. >> anyone that has older parent, and, you know, always looking at ways to keep them close to home, that's a great ideament well, coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news," where things stands with the gop healthcare bill. >> plus, overnight protests gets violent ahead of the g
6:26 am
summer, what ahead for president trump today. >> update on baby stuck with hypodermic needle and needed to be revived. what her father says he was doing at the time. meisha? >> well, looking outside, busy friday morning commute. rain and downpours in certain areas, and serious accident in bordentown, another one in concord township and car fire. all of the details coming up of the first a quick break, stay right where you are
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. just about 6:30. here's what you need to start your day in the morning minute. today, july 7th, 2017. >> unruly protests ahead of the g20 summit and president trump's first meeting with vladmeere putin. >> president trump has several other meetings with high profile world leaders, the
6:30 am
talks will likely be dominated by north korea's latest missile test. >> we've got some pretty soaking rain rid now working our way through our northern most suburbs, part of the lehigh valley and the poconos. off the tracks. a train derailment causes problems for travelers in and out of new york's penn station. >> a scare in the air. passengers step in to subdue a man after an attack on flight attendant. >> tried to check him. and he just through me off, like a rag doll. >> woman at florida gas station fights back against a brazen purse snatch err. >> we're going to do a little science test with you guys later on. >> i'll take you inside kutztown crystal cave. and show you the difference between stillactete s and stillamites. >> part of our cbs-3 summer fest celebration, in kutztown today. >> ukee will be out there, a
6:31 am
the low of the team will be out there. so the rain hole off maybe for later today? >> i think later today looks a lot better than it currently does out in berks count any general. there is slight spitting going on, skydeck, i have my many bumm a handy, would certainly advise you keep yours ready to go today. certainly place that is are more prone to seeing pretty soaking rain than other and at the moment you're getting slammed across those northwest counties. look at this, rain pounding down right now, northern most branch of lehigh north camp count counties there, not hitting us everywhere, but interesting, doesn't really look look it is over philadelphia necessarily, but there is even still very light drizzle here. so, meanwhile visibility less than ideal, millville checking in under half mile. improved from last hour at least. and even as i just take quick glance behind me now that the sun is up able to see half of the skyscrapers out over center city philadelphia. if you are hitting the shore today i wouldn't expect the prettiest day in the world,
6:32 am
have to go pretty far south to see sunlight even right now but shower or thunderstorm is in the cards for you there. as the day goes on back in fill at this should be much warmer day, should easily get into the mid if not upper 80s, later this afternoon, but again, you're going to have to watch out for some showers, thunderstorms, still scat nerds nature, but enough to keep the umbrella ready to go and we will thankfully talk about a quieter pattern down the roads here, get to that a little later on. >> all right, katie, yes. i can tell you, already on this friday morning, it has been so busy, so, i'll let you know waist going on out there. first we have this car fire. it happened actually earlier, in the clean up process now in new castle delaware. so 59 north, route 141, two right lanes block, and take a look at these backups, they're pretty substantial for being what 63:00 in the morning on a friday know less. give yourself extra time there. then more seriously, weaver fatal crash here in bordentown, new jersey, take a look, new jersey turnpike northbound, at route 206. the inner lanes are closed. we are getting word that all
6:33 am
lanes are block, 259 or 206. if you can avoid the area at all costs you probably want to do so. also, another serious accident here, wissahickon, lincoln drive closed past rittenhouse street, use alternate, walnut lane or midvale avenue. then, we have another accident, that is still out there, concords town schil, naman's creek road, route 419 at route 202. and we also have updates to mass transit, that i may be talking about coming up in just a little bit. rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. this morning, philadelphia father is charged after his nine month olds girl overdosed after rolling onto needle. police were called to this manayunk home, 200 block evergreen lane, around 6:30 wednesday night. there, paramedics found 35 year old steven welch's daughter un response wave needle sticking out of her leg h to revive the babe which narcan, reverses opioid overdose. they say the opioid epidemic
6:34 am
sad but common reality. >> it surprises me anyone would be that irresponsible. but that's not surprising at all that this heroin addicts all over the place. >> now the father tells police he plays dollars the needles on his bed and forgot they were, there when the baby rolled onto one. the father again has been charged now with aggravated assault, and endangering the welfare after child. >> we now know more about a small casket containing infant remains found on a north philadelphia sidewalk. hour say three to four month old baby being burried in south jersey, workers at the funeral home noticed broken latch on the casket so put the baby's body in a new one. not clear why the babies organs were left in the broken casket. an employee dumb happened casket on clearfield street in north philadelphia. sources tell "eyewitness news" that employees at stanley memorial chapel in camden are being investigated. >> marks one year anniversary of deadly shooting in downtown dallas. a memorial was dedicated to
6:35 am
the five members of law enforcement who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> (taps). >> dallas is still grieving. but there are signs of healing a year after the worse attack on law enforcement since 9/11. >> a weaken of honor is under way to remember the five officers who died here in a ambush attack. >> almost a year. >> families of the fallen attended the unveiling of the circle of heroes memorial, and received personalized flags thursday. >> makes my heartwarm, knowing that people, you know, they go out of their way, just to help honor patrick and officers? officers were mass kurds buy mike a johnson, army veteran, this yes on duty at a peaceful protest held to bring attention to the killings of african-americans, by police, nationwide. domenique alexander was one of the protest organizers that night, and is pushing back against critics who blame protesters for the tragedy. >> the investigators and the police and law enforcement said it.
6:36 am
that we had nothing to do with that issue. >> interim police chief david pew says moving forward has been a challenge, for the department, later today, he'll address his officers privately. >> i don't want it to be anything that sounds like a planned speech. i want it to just be my thoughts coming out from me to them. >> the department is also struggling to recruit new officers, after losing more than 400 in the last year, due to retirement, and issues with pensions. don champion, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." a vigil is held for philando castile, the man shot and killed by a police officer in minnesota, on the anniversary of his death. family and friends gather for philando's celebration of life last night. it was the one year anniversary of 32 year old death during a traffic stop. officer geronimo janis fatally shot castile, second after castile told the officer he had a gun. last month, a jury found janis
6:37 am
not guilty of manslaughter. >> president trump is in germany this morning, for the annual g20 summit. the president shook hands with german chancellor angela merkel as he arrived there. he tweeted he was looking forwards to all meeting today with worlds leaders. the president is also expected to sit down with russian president vladmeere putin for the first time in person. also, protests underway this morning, in response to the g20 summit. protesters were out marching through the street last night, police say several cars were set on fire and multiple businesses vandalized. officials say at least 20,000 police officers will be on hand today to protect the city against violence and terrorist threats. meanwhile, back here in the u.s., one of president trump's main campaign promises was to get rid of the affordable care act. but, correspondent john loyer end shows us the gop is struggling to get that done. >> the senate as current healthcare bill still has a pulled, but not breathing easy. >> i'm okay with it. i think life can be strong word, i would prefer to repeal the whole affordable care act
6:38 am
and start over. >> kansas senator, fellow republican, disagrees. he says he doesn't support the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. during town hall meeting thursday, he set said the current bill will endanger the elderly. north dakota republican senator john is also against the gop plan. he told constituents he wants to seat legislation improve, with lower premium, and deductible costs. 10gop senators say they have concerns about the republican healthcare plan, the bill will fail if two republicans vote no. some republicans are calling for repealing obamacare now, and replacing later. senator chuck of iowa says that will only boost market insecurity, but he says, the system needs change. >> now your healthcare plans are dictated by law from washington, d.c., one size fits all, and it has got to fit into either bronze or silver or goal or platinum and
6:39 am
you're going to have more choice. >> as republicans try to come up with a solution, some americans are protesting. >> we want to hear from the senator. we want him to answer our concerns. and i don't think that's going to happen. >> the congressional budget offers says 22 million fewer people will have insurance with the senate gop hell care bill. i'm john loyer ends, reporting. >> well, up next ... best boards walk in new jersey. >> plus, soccer games are usually loud, as parent cheer for their kids. but this fall, one league will be silent. find out why cheering fans. plus this. >> i'm pat gallen. here in crystal cave in kutztown, pa. we're way underground. we've got to go. but join me. let's go. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> almost like a scene out of i know what you did last summer, pat gallen. all right, let's not go spilling secret around here, too early for that. but katie will have your forecast, jim donovan, seeing as he usually does on a friday. >> it is a friday. >> we will be right back. >> twenty minute to go! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> cape may county resort has honor of having the best boardwalk in the garth garden state of new jersey, honor bestowed by things to do in new jersey, wildwood received a 46% of the develop, king percent boards walk second, ocean city boardwalk, thirds. >> the people are very particular about their
6:44 am
boardwalks. >> agreed. listen, will go to any boardwalk as long as that is funnel cake. >> right? and with all of the fun t-shirts, i remember the one sum america, call me on every t-shirt, and yolo? >> yes. >> let's make back yolo. let's do this. >> do we need to? >> you only live ones. >> true. >> let's look here, what the eyewitness weather watchers are worth g, definately soggy conditions specially yesterday. turn our focus down to delaware, where we got slam yesterday. and, in fact, we ended one flood warning in a little pocket near southwestern new castle county, northwestern kent county. so dolores waking up with us, tell us, a lot of cloud right now, but, she still got a lot of wet conditions around, because, there has certainly been some rain since yesterday. she doesn't have any now. but she also thinks that another shower has already moved through, since this morning, you're going to find,
6:45 am
that scattered showers still out there. though, there is one spot, far north and west where it is still coming down heavily. see that in a second. seventy-two the value coming in from jason, hoping woe check in with us this morning, because he is out in milltown delaware, one of the hot spot, where we saw over 5 inches of rain, from yesterday, and he said it is starting to dry out little bit. however, we're not out of the woods in this section of delaware, either, until we get rid of the big system, now we take you out first to really pretty shot. gray granted but pretty shot nonetheless, lush scene, in cut town, where our summer fest coverage will be taking place here today. my favorite shot of the bunch. you know me, i'm pennsylvania dutch, serenity to someone like me, right? meanwhile, though, here is a look at berks county and the rest of the region where the rain is still soaking us, along parts of 22, 78, northeast extention, your headed up to the poconos this weekend, headed there now, you'll run into this, but i promise you, it will begin to dry out. so we will i have to get through the next few hours for the brunt of the rain.
6:46 am
rest of the day, tonight, even early tomorrow, though, lingering showers, storms all that's left. we do brighten up nicely, sunday, monday, meisha, my personal favorites, they look stellarment make some outdoor plans. >> sure do, sunday looks beautiful. katie take a look at this, this is what we're talking about whether we talk about visibility issues, this is the talcony palmyra bridge, let you know visible issues out there but also let you know it is going up at 55:00, now, we are moving onto what's really going start to slow you down this morning, this is car fire, actually, happened earlier, the clean up process underway, in new castle delaware, route 141, two right lanes compromised, take a look at how slow moving it is around here. 18 miles per hour, that means, bumm for bumper, and you that you picture what it look like. more seriously, this is a fatal crash in boards end town new jersey. so new jersey turnpike northbound, a route 206, inner lanes, right now, closed. and for quite some time there. all lanes were closed. if i were you, i would avoid the area if you can, if you can't, use these alternates, 295, route 206, going to be
6:47 am
your best bet. then, moreover, weaver serious accident here, in germantown, lincoln drive southbound closed past ridden house street, walnut, midvale avenue, your best bet. and more to discuss when we come back in a little bit. rahel, back over to you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, it is friday, and that means we're advice the agnew excites flag in the delaware valley for sum he is fest. >> today will hit kutztown pennsylvania pat gallen took us on on special trip, takes us back 500,000 years. >> many, many years. we go back in history. so nearly 150 years ago, two men were is her clinic for better way to farm, in berks county. instead, they opened up a path to a hidden world. i took a stroll over 100 feet into the earth to examine crystal cave in kutztown. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> roughly 10 miles outside of
6:48 am
kutztown, is a giant hole in the grounds. but one with a beautiful arrangement of stone and sediment. this is crystal cave. >> crystal cave was discovered november 12, 1871 by 2 formers, john garrett, william american he will, they were basically searching for mining for limestone, to use as fertilize nerve their fields. >> after blasting open the entrance using dynamite, garrett and american he will unveiled a whole new worlds. so we went inside to rock out. >> like indianna jones in here. >> one of the first things you run into is the ice cream cone. >> this is a stalagmte, but on the ceiling is a stalactite. these are formed by drip stones. >> as we continued our trek into the earth, where the temperature tops out in the 50's, the rock creations were numerous. but watch your head. >> this is something called flow stone. where as the stalactite and stalagmte form by dripping matter it, forms flowing water it, flows slowly down the wall. >> it can take up to 500 years, for just 1 inch.
6:49 am
the name crystal cave comes from the shiny crystalize salt along the walls, but as you continue on, there are so many amazing formations. like lake inferior. >> how deep is lake inferior again? >> oh, about three and a half inches deep. >> so one of the not so great lakes, is that what you are trying to tell me? >> well, that's lake interior. >> perhaps the oldest of rock formation is the totem pole. >> it is actually a column. remember, that's what a stalactite and stalagmte needs. according to scientists it is about half million years old. >> so if you're stuck between a rock and another rock, then stop by crystal cave in cut town. >> and if you are looking for a place to get away from it all, crystal cave perfect place to go, nice spot to cool off during the hot summer month's it remains mid 50's below grounds. now, guys, underground you'll find stalagmte and stalactite. do you guys remember the difference. >> because we have very fancy
6:50 am
graphic. >> the one with the g, doesn't it mean they come from the grounds? >> correct. so stalactite come from dripping the war on, now, stalagmte riz from the floor of the cave due to the ceiling dripping. so the twi remember, is c for ceiling, as you said, and g for grounds. >> see, guys, you were right. >> pat, we new these things. >> i'm sure dumb so glad i could provide today's scientist reference, another cool aspect, katie's family connection to it. >> yes. so when i found out were you doing this story it, sparked a memory if me. when i was very little probably eight or nine years old, my grandfather mentioned to me we have family history one of our ancestors helped found crystal cave. did digging, aunt and uncle, they found out that one of our ancestors, very dutch last name was actually on part of the mining crew when they blasted the hole open. so we pa dutch folks don't get to brag all that often, very,
6:51 am
very proud that far moment. >> history runs deep here. >> no kidding, try to work on my pa dutch phrasing. comb your hair,. >> between katie and pat, learning so much today. >> so cool. >> summer fest continues obviously all day long on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," broadcasting live from kutztown from the folk festival. >> show you many of the traditions along with special places around kutztown. so make sure to tune in, join ukee washington, lauren casey, vittoria wood he will, they'll all be therefore special "eyewitness news" coverage beginning at 5:00 p.m. >> the time right now 51:00. a lot many coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us with a preview. good morning, nora. >> good morning to you, rahel, jim. we begin in germany what to expect from president trump first face-to-face meeting with russian president vladmeere putin. plus, chip read takes us to islands near washington dc that is washing away. why the residents there are appealing for president trump for help.
6:52 am
and, the teenage entrepreneur who made seven figure deal with the nba, but not for his basketball skills. all of that, plus the eye opener. your worlds in 90 seconds. see you right at 7:00. >> very interesting, we will be watching, nora, thank you. >> samsung is recycling its fire prone galaxy note seven. the tech company is re launching the phone in south korea under the new name galaxy note fe. that is short for fan edition. the new refurbished version will have updated software, lower battery capacity, 30% cheaper. the original galaxy note seven was recalled last year after a number every those devices caught fire. >> i don't think they'll be available in the u.s. >> just overseas right now. >> south carolina soccer league is taking a pretty unusual step this fall. >> banned all cheering for and against. the south carolina youth soccer association is starting silence. the league made parents sign code of conduct that requires them to be silent during the game. i don't know if our producer
6:53 am
jim connor would agreed this. the board said parents were unruly and disobeying the league's current rules. >> all of this allows reset to, you know, what kind of positive cheering should we be expecting? what things are best interpreted by our youth players? what is best for the kids? >> the soccer association says after silence september, there will be periodic silent saturdays and silent sundays, the league has approximately 30,000 young soccer players across the state of south carolina. >> i think that's stupid. i'm sorry. but i mean it is like okay, you ban the parent that are doing the bad stuff. why, i mean, part of the excitement of going to a game cheering and supporting the kids. >> got to support the kids. >> big names in the music business. headline concert hamburg, germany. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> colds play of course, shakira ferrell williams took the stage at the globe at citizens festival. the concert was held just before the start of the g20
6:54 am
summit in hamburg. a group on application to ends extreme poverty by 2020. >> new england patriots quarterback tom brady releasing a book, simon and shuster announced, the tv 12 method. how to achieve lifetime of sus pained peak performance. the publisher says the book will reveal brady's methods for success, including his training and exercise regimen, and simon and shuster, by the way, owned by cbs, which also owns cbs-3. >> and former reality tv star lauren conrad now a mom. the 31 year old announced at her fashion website she gave birth to baby boy. conrad and her husband named their baby liam james. congratulations. beautiful. >> we will be right back. >> with three to go. we missing?
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get a cleaner with bleach in it. because with citrusy peel shine, sorry about the holdup, folks. we have some congestion on the runway and i'm being told it'll be another 15, maybe 20 minutes, and we will have you on your way. ♪ runway models on the runway? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money evan saved by switching to geico. i would not wear that lace. hmm, i don't know?
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> here is three to go. >> teen killed in a road rage incident in chester county will be laid to rest today. driver accuse the 2349 shooting every bianca roberson is being head without bail. >> president trump meeting with russian president vladmeere pout never germany, not clear if he will confront putin over alleged russian meddling in the 2016 election. >> today is the 17th birthday of jeannie, the hippo at the adventure aquarium in camden, to celebration will last all weekends, that's three to go.
6:59 am
>> last check on weather and traffic? >> definitely unsettled weather for sure, further north and west you travel, dealing right now with some pretty soaking rain, up across the northwest suburbs, but not pretty at the shore either. even though actually technically dry at the moment. once more, though, expect that this rain is going to sort of rotate county clear wise, fillly get struck thinking later this morning, and, pretty much need to be on stands by, the umbrellas, the rest the day, again, meisha. >> thank you so much. we do have police activity, accident here route one southbound near route 13, see the tail light traveling toward there. i would avoid the area if you can. also, fatal crash here, new jersey turnpike northbound route 206. the inner lanes are closed. >> thank you shall meisha. cbs this morning is next. >> and remember to join us for summer fest in kutztown, all day on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," we have live crews with coverage and all of that starts at 5:00 p.m. have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning to you. it's friday, july 7th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump will meet face-to-face with russian president vladimir putin for the first time in office. will the president confront putin on russia eason ter feerns in the russian election. and outside the g-20 summit in germany, police are fighting protesters. a man attacked a flight attendant and fellow passengers. a person on flight tells us the dramatic story of how it happened. plus, we visit an island being swallowed by the chesapeake bay. they want


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